End-of-Arm Tooling Solutions

The technology

Magnet field activation by permanent magnets rotation

These products developed and patentend by Magswitch utilize two diametrically polarized magnets, with one rotating on top of the other. By rotating the top magnet 180 degrees, the magnetic poles of both magnets are aligned to generate a powerful magnetic field.

When rotated back 180 degrees, the magnetic poles are counter-aligned, collapsing the magnetic field within the magnet material creating a complete ON/OFF permanent magnet.

PES Service Offer


Choosing the proper magnet and placing them at the right place on the robot EOAT is a strategic step to get optimal performances. This is different for each application and sometimes can be a complex task. PES offers its experience with magnetic tools for gripping or clamping combined with its extended knowledge of industrial processes in order to define the right magnet and peripherals combination that meets your needs.

Pole Shoes Design

Our magnetic tools come most often with pole shoes that can be compared to jaws to traditional clamping or gripping.

Indeed, those are ferrous machined parts that can be shaped to mechanically and magnetically adapt the tool to the target part to get optimal performances from the magnet grippers. In some cases, those can only be used as armors to protect the tools from harsh environments.

EOAT Design

PES can both guide your design team to correctly choose and place the magnets on your EOAT or design the complete EOAT equipped with magnetic tools and peripherals (sensors, pole shoes). This last solution allows the customer using a turnkey solution with defined electrical, pneumatic and mechanical interface up to the robot flange.

Feasibility testing with equipped robot cell

Introducing new technologies often comes with doubts or risks. In order to speed up the industrial validation process, PES has its own equipped robot cell dedicated to feasibility testing. Those tests can be prepared by PES or the customer in order to validate the defined solution and overcome industrial partner’s objections.