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PES and JKE docking solution system image

PES provides a solution for the quick connection/disconnection of tooling with pneumatic passage and Profinet communication

Drawing on its expertise in automatic tool changer connection and disconnection technologies, PES has developed a controllable docking solution for tool power supply. This solution has been extensively implemented in collaboration with a leading tier 1 manufacturer in the automotive parts sector through our Spanish partner, JKE Robotics.

The system consists of two sub-assemblies: a "female" part installed in the tooling and a "male" part installed in the mobile structure of the cell (AGV, indexing table, etc.). The "male" part is equipped with a linear actuator to perform the connection stroke. This way, tools approaching the mobile part can receive pneumatic and electrical power, along with the Profinet signals necessary for their operation.

The docking system features a pneumatic connection, an M12 Code D connector for Profinet, an M12 Code L connector for electrical power, and an M12 Code A connector for the linear actuator's end-of-stroke signals.

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