Robot Tool Changer Solutions

Robot Tool Changing solutions

Robot dress pack integration and compatibility

Connecting modules entirely machined in aluminium offers longevity and robustness that dress pack movements and efforts require. Specially designed for a smooth integration with robot dress packs, tool changers offer an optimized End-Of-Arm compactness needed for robots motion capability in narrow spaces.

Electromagntic interference immunity

Connectivity modules dedicated to the transfer of high frequency signals such as fieldbus or encoder signals are encapsulated in metallic armors in order to provide an optimal shielding. Electromagnetic noise is then directly conducted to the ground. Communication errors due to electromagnetic interference are then avoided.

Test and quality control for every assembled and delivered unit

Each tool changer component is subject to strict test procedures for each step of the manufacturing process until final assembly. Proper operation of the tool changer is obviously checked as well as the set of sensors and safety functions.

Custom made tool changing solutions for easy integration

Modular conception of tool changers allows using the same connecting modules (electrical, power, and fluidic) for a complete range of locking mechanisms that can be mounted on every robot on the market. Moreover, these modules also show a modular structure that allows using the same functions whatever the connector type or fieldbus standard.

Project Management – Modules design following customer’s specifications

Every tool changer provision is handled as a project. According to the specification built with the customer, our Engineering office proceed to the design of the connecting modules, checks the tools unloading stations and sets up the specific installation and maintenance documents.

“Plug and Play” solution – Integration costs control

Our scope of supply is well defined in order to optimize the proposed solution both on technical and economical viewpoints. The connectors (electrical interfaces), the mounting drawings (mechanical interfaces), the fittings (fluidic interfaces) and the documentation (electrical drawings) are realized to mitigate integration times. Therefore, integrations costs are strictly managed and optimized for the installer.

A complete offer : docking station and protection cover

The tool changing solution is not complete without the docking stations and the proper tools protections. A wrong design of the tools fixtures or the protection covers can result in numerous faults or operation problems that could induce costly production stops. Our docking solutions benefit from a 20-years-old experience in industrial environments.

Intrinsic safety and upgradable performance from level C to E

Loaded tool changer monitoring with position and stress control of the locking mechanism

Detections allows to immediately stop the robot if a leak or pressure drop occurs on the air supply or even inside the tool changer air chamber. Locked position in also continuously monitored for optimal safety.

Set of electro valves for tool changer and safety air control

A set of electro valves control the air supply inside the tool changer air chamber and the safety air. Default safe positions are guaranteed by design. The control of electro valves is checked through embedded redundant safety loops for intrinsic safety.

Quick and easy diagnosis on robot HMI

An exhaustive alarm list is available on robot HMI in order to quickly diagnose every fault and in which program sequence it occurred. Combined with the view of the sensors status, this list allows intervention times reduction.

Cost-effective and intrinsically safe solution

Safety circuits design brings the basic system to performance Level C. This also applies to all the detection and control components. Then it can be easily upgraded to performance level E in combination with an external controller, that is, a PLC or the robot controller itself.