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Tool changers | heavy payload | Sigma 8.1

Sigma 8.1 tool changers offer a higher payload capacity up to 800kg. Their low profile design reduces inertial forces.

Heavy Payload Tool Changers are gathered within Sigma Series. They allow handling payloads from 350kg till 800kg and are particularly suited for various applications such as spot welding, material handling, machine loading/unloading, mold changing, docking systems, pallet coupling systems, pick and place operations, press transfer.

Sigma Series tool changers have a modular design allowing them to suit any kind of application. Indeed, our range of standard module coupled with our custom modules offer increase the Sigma tool changers capabilities enabling them to meet many different needs.

Sigma 8.1 tool changers have a unique six-sided design allowing to accomodate more utilities. The wide range of supported communication systems and their ability to connect directly to your robot face plate, elminitaing adaptor plate make them a easy-to-integrate solution while meeting the most complex applicative needs.


  • Unique wear-compensating, fail-safe cam latching mechanism
  • Emergency manual unlock feature
  • Higher payload capacity – up to 800 kg
  • Unique six-sided design accommodates more utilities


  • A Sigma 3.1 and Sigma 5.1 common profile provides modularity and allows for interchangeability of utility modules
  • Eliminates adaptor plates for lower weights, and increased strength and efficiency
  • Low profile reduces inertial forces
  • Supports wide variety of servo tools and bus communications

Master AdaptorTool Adaptor
Reference S8.1R-XXX S8.1T-XXX
Payload 800 kg 800 kg
Moment - Mx, My 7796 Nm 7796 Nm
Moment - Mz 7796 Nm 7796 Nm
Size 60x310x358 mm 60x310x358 mm
Weight 21.180 kg 11.840 kg
Couple/uncouple port 1/4" BSPP n/a
Repeatability - Z ± 0.013 mm ± 0.013 mm

Robot and tool utilities

Tool changer IO Digital I/O, DeviceNet, Profibus, ProfiNet, Ethernet, …
Sensors Vérouillé/Déverouillé

Operating conditions

Operating temperature 5-60°C
Operating pressure 6 bar ±1
Robot type ABB IRB6600, Fanuc R2000, M900iB/280L, M900iB/360, Kuka KR200, …

Notice : The provided technical data are the higher limits recommended in static condition. To obtain the correct dimensioning of the product, it is necessary to hold account of all the applicable dynamic forces, including the inertia of the manipulator, the configuration of the tools and the external forces applied.

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The Tool Changers are designed and manufactured by Applied Robotics, Inc.
Product Engineering Services is the Distributor of Applied Robotics for the territory of Belgium and France