Tool changer - S-EM-T-U-2VE1/2BS-B

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Tool changers | Water module | S-EM-T-U-2VE1/2BS-B

Along with the standard offer of pneumatic and electrical modules, PES proposes engineering capabilities for developing custom electrical/pneumatic modules or accessories for Sigma Series tool changers. We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf custom modules enhancing Sigma tool changers communication capabilities or safety and if needed, we will be pleased to adapt our product to your specific requirements. Standard water modules S-EM-T-U-2VE1/2BS-B are suitable with robot sides Sigma tool changers. They have a rugged design and offer 2x1/2" channels that can be used for cooling in welding gun.

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Weight 0.36 kg
Type Water module
Size 79 x 51.75 x 50 mm
Pass through utilities 1/2" BSPP
Pressure 20 bar
Flow rate 1.54 Cv

Notice : The provided technical data are the higher limits recommended in static condition. To obtain the correct dimensioning of the product, it is necessary to hold account of all the applicable dynamic forces, including the inertia of the manipulator, the configuration of the tools and the external forces applied.

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The Tool Changers Accessories are designed and manufactured by Applied Robotics, Inc.
Product Engineering Services is the Distributor of Applied Robotics for the territory of Belgium and France

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