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Tool changers | Cover Assembly | XCF-RS4-DIN_APH63

Reliability and durability of the PES tool changers rely on a high quality of the docking and picking operations. To answer that requirement PES has developped a set of peripherals to set up a complete and reliable tool changer solution while minimizing integration efforts. The Cover Assembly protects the tool and tool changer from airborne debris when the tool is not in use by the robot. It mounts directly to the back of the compliant fixture / weldment base assembly and can be adjusted in several positions depending on tool type, location, application, and environment. The pneumatic actuation clamp used to open and close the cover assembly is equipped with two different flow controls to vary the speed of the cover as well as two position sensors to verify opening and closing of the cover.

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Weight 5.50 kg
Type Cover Assembly
Size 400x 400x75 mm
Material SteelAluminium

Notice : The provided technical data are the higher limits recommended in static condition. To obtain the correct dimensioning of the product, it is necessary to hold account of all the applicable dynamic forces, including the inertia of the manipulator, the configuration of the tools and the external forces applied.

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The Tool Changers Accessories are designed and manufactured by Applied Robotics, Inc.
Product Engineering Services is the Distributor of Applied Robotics for the territory of Belgium and France

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