Rotary Unions and Slip Rings Solutions

Rotary Unions and Slip Rings Solutions

Expertise, large Product range, quality and cost…

A slip ring performs one or several contacts that can rotate continuously 360°. They are most of the time required for rotating applications to transfer signals or power from a fixed part to a rotating one avoiding mechanical constraints on equipment, cables, and connectors.

PES offers a wide range of standard or custom slip rings which can meet nearly all applications needs. They have been designed for modularity and cost reduction while keeping reliability and high-quality contact.

There are multiple standard configurations and we can customize them easily to answer your specifications accurately. Customization can occur for specific electrical signals, high or low temperatures or high rotating speeds up to 5000 rpm.

Fortified by its expertise in electrical transmission and industrial processes as well by its strong partnership with a manufacturer that serves as a reference in its domain such as Servotecnica, PES is able to carry out further analysis of your application and propose the best solution on both technical and economic plans. 

Combined electrical and fluid interfaces…

The combined use of pressurized air and/or other fluids is possible with a hybrid assembly integrating a rotary union from our large range of standard products. We can propose a functional package that integrates standard mechanical components.

Design and realisation capabilities at the service of your most complex applications…

Other interfaces combinations can be analyzed in order to meet the requirements of your most complex applications: power, Fieldbus, RF signals, fiber optic, pneumatic or hydraulic. There are many possible configurations! 

PES owns the engineering capabilities in order to study the most advanced fluid, electrical or optical rotary connection solutions. From advice and design to realization and quality control, the PES technical team has the skills and tools to bring your project to completion.