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June 4th, 5th and 6th 2024. 9 am to 4 pm - Z.I. de la Rivièrette 65, 7330 Saint-Ghislain

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Workshop A : Industry 4.0. in robotics
  • Tool changers : industrial robot in action with spot welding gun pick up / drop operations; Cobot with automatic mechanical tool changer (without energy) and manual; showcase of the tool changers portfolio and possible interfaces, functional package with integrated control/command on fieldbus.
  • Magnetic EOAT : switchable magnet grippers(pneumatic), Applications of spring handling, bin picking, destacking of sheets, electric version with variable field output, integrated magnetic field sensors for part presence and double blank detection.
  • Collision sensor : collision simulation on test bench with sensitivity adjustment by proportional pneumatic valve on fieldbus.
  • Docking station : quick-coupling with complete signal, power and fluid transmission unit including actuator and control / command on fieldbus.

Workshop B : Motion control and rotating connectivity
  • Rotating connectivity : standard and customized fluidic rotating joints, wide range of slip rings with specific designs and hybrid assemblies.
  • Cabling workshop and design office : explore the possibilities for customizing interfaces (electrical/mechanical) and our fieldbus and RF testing resources.
  • Inductive/magnetic encoders : new range of inductive encoders from FLUX with interactive demonstration.
  • Motors and micromotors : complete range of coreless micromotors (brushed/brushless), associated controllers and gearboxes, specific design motors (torque motors, pancake motors, etc.)
  • Electric linear actuators : implementation with TOLOMATIC solutions (Partner) (linear axis for grippers, etc.)

Workshop C : Spot welding peripherals
  • Fluid control : coolant controller connected to fieldbus, leak detection and water retraction from the cooling circuit by venturi effect during cap changing operation
  • Cap changer : demonstration of cap changing system by EXROD (Partner)
  • Ultrasonic quality control : non-destructive quality control system for spot welds, booth with interactive demonstration