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Product Engineering Services s.a.
(PES s.a.) is a 20+ year old company specialized in industrial automation.

The core-products of PES s.a. are robotic tool changing systems, collision sensors, rotary unions, slip rings, and end of arm tooling solutions.

The people behind PES s.a. are a team of dedicated experts with a long history of providing unique solutions focused on robotics, industrial automation, and system integration. They are committed to providing both domestic and international stakeholders with custom solutions no matter what the industry - automotive, food-processing, foundry, home appliance or aerospace are just to name a few. PES s.a. offers a complete range of in-house services designed to meet its targeted customers’ needs including R&D, design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, integration and consulting.

Product Engineering Services s.a. main office is located just off A7/A2 in Saint-Ghislain (Belgium). This central location provides easy access to both our customers and our partners located in Belgium and just across the border in France, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. The headquarters include a training room, an engineering department, an assembly and quality office, warehousing facilities and an aftersales department.