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Large Range of Signals Capabilities and Long Lifetime without Maintenance

Inspection machine with slip rings

Inspection machinery comes at a critical step in a pharmaceutical production line. Those machines are complex and embed a various range of electrical components (sensors, motors, PLC) but have to be reliable.

Automation of inspection induces most often rotating movements that increase the complexity of peripheral electronics.

Slip ring are the best way to wire components that move. Indeed, cable carriers often induce cinematic constraints and low reliability thatSlip ring make disappear. 

Low friction torque ofSlip ring mitigates the mechanical impact and continuous rotation capabilities make programming simpler.

Electrical Signals

  • Motor power and control
  • Automation component supply and signals (I/Os, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Profinet, CANOpen, etc.)
  • Sensors (RF, digital)

Mechanical features

  • Low friction torque
  • Various mounting options

Interesting Options

  • Combination with vacuum rotary union
  • Combination with pressurized air rotary union


  • Long lifetime without maintenance (at least 5M rotation)
  • Increase cinematic and programming capabilities
  • Compact compared to cable chain solutions


  • Low maintenance cost
  • Increase machinery performances
  • Easier cabling integration
  • Low costs solution available

Facts & Figures

  • With a medium speed of 10rpm a slip ring can operate at least 5 years without being replaced
  • Power signals and sensors or control signals (Field bus, motor encoder, etc.) can be embedded in the same slip ring
  • Slip ring can be adapted along the machinery operational life

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