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Find the Proper Slip Ring Solution to Enhance the Performances of Your Automated Wrapping Machines

Automated wrapping machines thanks to slip rings

The global economic context with the rise of e-commerce has put a lot of pressure on logistics companies in those last years. Fortunately, automated wrapping machines can help to save time and get rid of the heavy physical task that is wrapping the pallet with plastic film. Today, those machines are increasingly popular and OEMs continuously innovate, bringing more and more technology to enhance the quality and performances of their machines.

Indeed, rotating arms that are handling the plastic film roll are embedding servomotors with a lot of sensors (optical, proximity, etc.) that allow accurate and smooth film wrapping operations. All those rotating components are connected to the control unit that is integrated into the fixed part of the machine. Slip ring are then mandatory to enable continuous 360° rotation making the pallet wrapping possible. 

Most of the time, OEMs can find a match to their needs among our wide range of capsule or thru-bore standard solutions. PES S.A. can provide this way a competitive and quickly available slip ring that will help our customers to transfer motor power and feedback along with sensors signals from their controller to the rotating arm. Our rotary joint solutions can cover a wide range of electrical or even fluidic applications, custom designs can always be analyzed in some very specific cases or to allow better integration in your structure, so do not hesitate to reach out to us for some advice.

Electrical Features

  • Motor power and control through standard or proprietary cables 
  • Automation component supply and signals (I/Os, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Profinet, CANOpen, etc.)
  • Sensors (RF, digital, optical)

Mechanical Features

  • Low friction torque
  • Various mounting options
  • Compact size

Interesting Options

  • IP65 for outside or washable installation
  • Integrated proprietary cables
  • Ethernet option available


  • Long lifetime without maintenance
  • Reliable continous rotation
  • Large range of standard and stock solutions
  • Lot of customization options (cable length, mounting options, circuits, etc.)


  • Enhance your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Optimize your machine performances
  • Smooth Supply-Chain 
  • Save on integration costs

Facts & Figures

  • With a medium speed of 60 rpm a slip ring  (multi-wire brushes design) can operate at least 2 years without being replaced
  • Power signals and sensors or control signals (Field bus, motor encoder, etc.) can be embedded in the same slip ring
  • Together with our partner Servotecnica, PES S.A. has already supplied hundreds ofSlip ring for wrapping machines in operations.

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