The Best Way to Handle Springs with a Robot

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Springs are tricky parts to handle with robots. Indeed, a robot is a repetitive machine that targets always the same point. This point can be moved randomly with springs depending on their orientation. A vision system can solve this issue but comes also with its cost and increases the integration complexity. Moreover, if you have multiple sizes or shapes to handle, this vision system will not help you to solve this problem. Magnets are a simple and versatile way to handle springs and the best magnetic solutions for spring handling tasks can be found at PES S.A. 

Why? See these videos. Our magnets are strong, versatile, energy-efficient and can withstand high duty cycles. Especially our switchable magnet PLAY series that are particularly adapter to long shapes and can adapt to multiple diameter thanks to V-shaped pole shoes. So if you have a spring handling issue, do not hesitate to reach out to us...Or maybe you would need to find out more in our application sheet before!

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