Bin-picking : Combine Power, Accuracy, and Minimal Footprint with our Magnet Gippers

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Power to footprint ratio is key for robot bin-picking operations whether they are organized or not. Regular grippers are struggling to enhance this ratio as more gripping force comes naturally with larger gripper, which means accessibility in the bin is jeopardized. 

Our magnet grippers take advantage of their unique stacked design and technology to offer the best power to footprint ratio on the market (regarding magnetic solutions). Moreover, they show a high duty cycle to support any production flow. At PES S.A. we can help you to define the right robot magnetic tool for your process and really believe that is the best solution when it comes to ferrous parts bin-picking. Many of our customers already benefit from the outstanding performances of these tools, just have a look at our application sheet through the below link and start to find out how you can optimize your bin-picking process.


Application : Magnet Gripper for Organized Bin-Picking


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