Bring Modularity on Your Handling Tool for Less Cost

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At PES, we use and sell switchable magnets (pneumatically and now electrically) dedicated to automation applications for more than 5 years. We have seen dozens of applications for which those tools offer unequaled performances in terms of energy efficiency, duty cycle and then the total cost of ownership.

One way to get the most of these tools is to install custom pole shoes. Pole shoes are carbons steel machined parts that come on both magnet poles. This may have a mechanical function (for example, V-shaped pole shoes to avoid a tube to roll while handling in it) but a magnetic one too (well-designed pole shoes may increase magnetic performances significantly depending on the target part).

Those accessories may also offer modularity in some specific cases : 

  • Multiple parts handling: pole shoes can be designed in such a way they offer different footprints depending on tool orientation, this may be useful pour kitting and assembly robot applications


  • Batch production: in batch production, you can adapt automation equipment between two batches, this may be done with tool changers for complex cases but also by changing pole shoes, this way modularity is given by the cheapest component of your production line!


Still doubtful? Check out our application sheet and the below video.


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