Designing Slip Rings for Harsh Environment

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At PES S.A. we are offering slip rings solutions for several years now. Those products are covering a large variety of industrial applications, from the simple cable reel to more complex optoelectronic turrets. 

We also had the opportunity to take part in projects with particular environmental conditions such as off-shore wind turbines or innovative boat propulsion solutions.

Obviously, on the electrical viewpoint, we can find anything we find in on-shore industrial plants such as sensors signals, fieldbuses, power for servomotors, or even power plant transmission, ... But to match the harsh environment needs, those slip rings have to show robust designs, most of the time with stainless steel or anodized aluminum. They also receive high protection indexes such as IP65 and sometimes specific cabling material or even anti-condensation heating system installed inside avoiding temperature variations make water appear inside the sealed housing of the slip ring.

There are then multiple ways to meet your needs within the minimum budget and keeping Total Cost of Ownership as low as possible. As a reminder all of our slip rings are maintenance-free. So do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you simple and free advice for your rotary union or slip rings integration to optimize your system cost, reliability, and availability.

Application example: Slip Rings for Wind Turbine

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