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The multipurpose, high performance a safe magnetic gripping

The ‘AR’ contains a rectangular housing with removable pole shoes, which work well with irregularly shaped surfaces: pipes, cylinders, etc. This tool is the best choice when no flat area exists on the target. With three possible work faces, the tools provide tremendous flexibility for multiple end of arm applications.

Temperature of the operated surface can reach 80°C for Classic versions and 220°C or higher for High Heat versions (please contact us of high temperture applications). Note: You may have to design and fabricate custom pole shoes depending on your application for optimal performances


  • Double effect pneumatic actuator offering high duty cycle
  • Custom pole shoes offer mechanical function integration capability
  • Intrinsic safety thanks to 183° movement for natural lstop locking


  • Limited maintenance costs
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Controlled integration costs

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Weight6.80 kg
Max Breakaway1435.40 kg
Working Load2110.70 kg
Optimal material thickness12.70 mm
Max shear28.40 kg
Overall Height210.20 mm
Magnetic pole footprint92x72.3 mm

1Safety factor 2:1
2Safety factor 4:1

Notice :The provided technical data are the higher limits recommended in static condition. To obtain the correct dimensioning of the product, it is necessary to hold account of all the applicable dynamic forces, including the inertia of the manipulator, the configuration of the tools and the external forces applied.