Press Stamping Lines Now Have Their Own Tool Changer Solution

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With the increasing demand of automotive manufacturers for tool changers in the press stamping processes, PES S.A. developed a specific solution in order to bring the Level-D safety performance, proven in-use tool changing solution on press stamping robots. For this purpose, we had to meet press stamping processes specific requirements that need to have flexible while compact and robust automation equipment. We then adapted our heavy payload solution with our in-house safe control system and brought some specific features : 

  • E125LP Tool Changer: the new E125LP shows a very low profile regarding Sigma solution, still benefits from the cam-locking mechanism, and offers payload up to 200kg thanks to its robust (but light) design. It also offers 8 integrated pneumatic ports! This was the perfect match for press stamping robots


  • Axis-3 control box: our Sigma control module was too large to suit press stamping applications that need as little as possible payload and equipment on robots End-Of-Arm, so we integrated our safety system on a dedicated box that comes on robot Axis-3. This way we saved payload and space while still having our safety performance Level-D control system with additional electro-valves and I/O capabilities to meet the needs of pneumatic grippers equipment handled by the robot. This box is directly connected to the Fieldbus for easy integration.


  • Vertical Docking Station: docking station was also adapted to save floor space which is critical in press stamping plants, especially in the end of line areas that needs to handle a large range of parts that have very different sizes and shapes. In this docking station configuration, tool changers are docked vertically so large EOAT do not use floor surface but height.


This way the full tool changing system package has been made available to press stamping lines engineers. Want to learn more? Check out our dedicated application sheet through the below link.


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