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Plug and Play Hybrid Rotary Joint Solution for Simple and Reliable Integration

Indexing table with hybrid joint

Indexing tables are widely used in the industry, especially in body and white processes in the automotive industry. Those applications, therefore, require a pneumatic and/or hydraulic distribution along with electrical power and field bus to allow control and command of the equipment between the industrial network and the rotating work stations. In order to achieve a continuous 360° rotation, both rotary unions andSlip ring are needed

PES has developed a plug-and-play solution to answer this need and make integration easy for those who use rotary tables. It is made up of a single-pass rotary union combined with a thru-bore slip ring that offers 24V power supply, field bus connection (Profinet, Ethernet, EtherCAT, etc.) and optionally 400V power supply. This hybrid rotary union assembly comes with the mechanical parts to allow easy mounting on the rotary table. The latter comes this way equipped with the rotary interfaces that can meet nearly all automation application needs.

Electrical Features

  • Certified Fieldbus rotary link
  • Automation component 24V power supply up to 10A (In and Out)
  • Chassis ground connection
  • Standard connectors M12 (Field Bus) and 7/8" (Power)

Mechanical Features

  • Low friction torque
  • Mounting kits for different size of rotary tables available
  • Compact size

Interesting Options

  • Optional tri-phased 400V power supply (up to 15A)
  • Other connector types on demand
  • Possible customization (fluid, electrical)


  • Integrated and high-capacity solution
  • Plug and play functional assembly.
  • Multi-wire brushes technology
  • Integrated redundancy.


  • Reduced integration cost by the customer.
  • Designed for low maintenance.
  • Competitive and reliable solution

Facts & Figures

  • With a medium speed of 5 rpm a slip ring  (multi-wire brushes design) can operate at least 20 years without being replaced
  • There are about 200 units running in automotive plants worldwide

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