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Product Engineering Services (PES s.a.)
commits to :


  • thanks to our extended experience (more than 25 years) in the robot peripherals and connections engineering fields
  • thorugh team training to R&D and field cases in order to ensure that quality meets customers' expectations
  • by developping innovative solutions to anticipate market needs
  • by putting in perspective our knowledge to plan tomorrow's startegy


  • by builing a network of key players and renowned partners within our field
  • by acting together with its co-workers, partners, suppliers and customers
  • through the supply of mixed applications and technologies products
  • by supplying to the customer a custom interface


  • through the adoption of a continuous imporvement mindset
  • by daring to propose niche products
  • thorugh R&D investments to stay at the cutting edge of technology
  • by choosing tomorrow's technology


  • thorugh the anticipation of customers' needs and expectations
  • by taking customization as a unique standard
  • through collabration with partners and customers to meet legitimate satisfaction and quality levels
  • by training its teams to go over the product and service concepts to thinks in terms of specificities 

Those 4 pillars form the values and founding principles of Product Engineering Services (PES s.a.) day to day mission. That is why we defined our baseline with the following sentence : « Expertise in connectivity for innovative solutions ».