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Locking Mechanism

Tool changers, with their more robust cam locking systems, ensure total control of the gripping of your tool. Capable of withstanding colossal loads, they are used in all chain industries. Undisputed basis of all applications related to a robot, PES provide adaptation, repair and reconditioning to always ensure you the best possible products.

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Controle Interface Module

Create your standards, we do the rest. PES Control Modules are the brains of your device, they control the EVs as well as the signals needed for tool changes. They report any errors on your orders and ensure flawless monitoring of your automation. At PES, the expertise of our control modules makes it possible to manage all types of applications and a very wide range of robotic tool changers, whether in light or heavy industry.

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Power Interface Module

With connectors that follow the various market standards, PES power modules are suitable for all your welding operations. Robust in fiberglass, they ensure the good maintenance of the power as well as the returns of masses.

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Signal Interface Module

Our interface control modules are the key to PES, they allow you to manage all aspects of your tools, power supply, bus passage, fiber, camera, all aspects of your tool are managed by our personalized modules. With PES create your interface modules according to your needs.

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Water Interface Module

The water module allows you to cool your welding guns as well as manage your hydraulic pressure needs. Although available for other fluids, they are mainly used by water. Our anti-leakage systems ensure optimal safety and prevent any risk of electrocution

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Air interface Module

Air modules are essential for the proper functioning of grips, mechanical actuators and all pneumatic systems. Essential passage in the beam, it manages all the dry actions of your applications.

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Robot Interface Plate

Fanuc Interface plateFANUC M900/350
FANUC R2000 210L-270F
FANUC M900iA, 400-600
FANUC M900iB, 700-400L