• Aerospace

    Able to withstand extreme temperature cycles, excessive vibration and G-forces, Product Engineering Services provides both government and commercial aerospace manufacturers with capability-driven solutions, custom tailored to integrate within the extreme environments of air and space-based platforms.

  • Automotive

    In today’s automotive manufacturing industry, flexibility is the key to meet the demands of the ever-changing global market. In order to meet the demands, Product Engineering Services works hand in hand with its automotive partners to provide solutions that are focused on increasing overall productivity, efficiency, and ROI. Applications include spot welding, laser welding, stamping, metal casting, mold handling, and finishing just to name a few.

  • Construction & Agriculture

    For all your load handling needs, dedicated solutions and rugged designs have been thought. Seasoned engineers - focused strictly on demanding conditions including high pressure, dirty environments and extreme temperature variations – have developed robust products for heavy machinery applications such as forestry, landscaping, heavy construction, tunnels digging and mining.

  • Defense

    Military and defense equipment manufacturers demand the ultimate in product design, verification, and testing. To meet these requirements, Product Engineering Services delivers the consistency, reliability & durability needed for critical military applications - from defense manufacturing to military training and simulation.

  • Electronics & Semiconductor

    Semiconductor manufacturing demands the maintaining of high levels of accuracy and performance. Product Engineering Services knows the semiconductor industry well by having variety of application specific references in areas such as miniature robotic arm actuation, CMP wafer polishing and grinding, and system cooling.

  • Energy

    With the rapid growth of the global sustainable / alternative energy markets comes the need for innovative solutions. Product Engineering Services understands the inherent technology challenges faced by these next-generation energy equipment designers. For your alternative energy needs, PES s.a. offers specialized high value added products for wind, solar, biofuel, hydropower, geothermal and nuclear energy.

  • Factory / Industrial Automation

    Industrial and factory automation systems are by nature designed to increase manufacturing productivity and throughput. Product Engineering Services has gained, through its extensive experience in designing and developing automation solutions, the process knowledge to help you to increase productivity, but not at the expense of quality. By being able to provide both proven, dedicated products and customized solutions designed to meet individual needs, PES stands ready to assist you with your automation challenges. Areas of expertise include material handling system, automated assembly, developmental testing, fluid automation, and precision clearing to name a few.

  • Food & Beverage

    Mandatory governmental regulations require manufacturers of food and beverages products to adhere to strict guidelines relating to purity, health, safety, quality, and environmental standards. Product Engineering Services offers proven  food grade automation solutions for all types of packaging & processing applications : clean fluid transfer ; bottles washing, filling and capping as well as  industry specific solutions geared towards  food and beverage, dairy, distilled spirits and wine, pharmaceutical, sanitizing equipment, cosmetics, and personal care.

  • Machine Tool

    Whether it is high-volume, long-run, large part or, small batch, short-run, small part manufacturing, Product Engineering Services offers both dedicated and customized solutions to meet your machining needs. No matter how complex, PES’s 20+ years of experience gained as a partner to the major machine tool builder’s results in us being able to provide high quality products for a wide range of machine tool applications.

  • Marine & Offshore

    The highest levels of performance and safety must be maintained in order to meet customer-specified requirements, applicable standards, and certifications for applications being carried out under extreme pressures. Product Engineering Services pays special attention to these stringent safety and quality standards when providing dedicated solutions for harsh environments, such as offshore & subsea applications: flowline installation, floating production, marine dredging and excavation, marine propulsion systems for subsea operations…

  • Medical Device

    Medical equipment and devices manufacturing demands accuracy and reliability – that is obvious. Product Engineering Services is committed to delivering accurate, precise, and dependable solutions that are optimized to meet the needs of the medical product and device industry.  With the latest in engineering technology, product testing, innovation, and advanced materials, PES s.a. meets the requirements of the health care and  medical device industry  where safety  is everything - automated medical assembly, centrifuges / solid-liquid separation, magnetic resonance imaging / tomography and other radiology applications.

  • Metal Production & Processing

    Our solutions for the metal production & processing industry utilize the latest in high performance seal materials to improve performance and durability. Intelligent designs deliver high efficiency and low operational costs under the toughest operating conditions. By offering such dedicated solutions, Product Engineering Services provides superior service life for metal production & processing harsh applications. As a few : coils / sheet metal processing, ladle turrets, coiler expanding mandrel, winding machine pneumatic grippers, processing lines for hot and cold rolling operations including slitting lines, cut-to-length, cross cutting, roll forming, galvanizing lines, and pickling lines.


  • Oil & Gas

    Designed for land, offshore and subsea applications, our technologically innovative solutions are safe, reliable and responsible. In accordance with the last oil / gas industry requirements, Product Engineering Services offers products dedicated to rugged duty within oil / gas drilling & production applications – high pressure well drilling or intervention, floating production, automated pipe handling equipment and coiled tubing reel systems are a few of them.

  • Plastic Production & Processing

    Product Engineering Services delivers specialized products that feature load bearing capabilities, stainless steel construction, and cross talk protection. By combining experience and the latest in quality control and manufacturing innovation, PES is able to provide dedicated solutions for the plastic production and processing industries such as plastic molding, injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and rotary table integration.