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PES S.A. is proud of having taking part in the Oceanwings® project. This innovative wingsail technology engineered by VPLP is now proven-in use as their first industrial prototypes have been installed on the Energy Observer vessel by CNIM. Those specific wings offer a new mean of wind-propulsion to boats and will help to reduce the carbon footprint of sea transportation in the future.


Energy Observer crew has validated the comfort of sail operation and the performances of the Oceanwings through journeys to the Spitzberg and across the Atlantic Ocean. Giving several thousand miles of operation in very different (but real) conditions.


PES S.A. has delivered a first standard slip ring to build the proof-of-concept Oceanwings and then worked closely with CNIM to propose the right slip ring that will be installed in the industrial concept. Taking part in the project at the very beginning of the design phase was key to define the best slip ring solution for this complex project. Curious? Find out more in our dedicated application sheet.


Application Sheet : Slip Rings for OceanWings


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