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Reminder: slip rings are electromechanical devices that aim at transferring electrical signals from fixed to rotating equipment.

With the increasing popularity of Fieldbus such as Profinet, Industrial Ethernet, EtherCAT, or other Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 based communication protocols industrial applications, slip rings manufacturer have found ways to integrate the proper physical media to transfer such demanding signals in a reliable manner.

Available off-the-shelf solutions 

At PES, thanks to Servotecnica's wide range of products, we can propose off-the-shelf solutions for such applications. Indeed E1M (100Base-TX) or E1G (1000Base-T) options are both available for capsule and thru-bore slip rings range.

  • Capsule Ethernet slip rings: 2 (E1M) or 4 (E1G) twisted pairs are integrated into a Ø22mm or Ø25mm capsule slip rings along with up to 50 other 2A/240V electrical circuits. They are available in IP51 or IP65 with anodized aluminum housing.


  • Thru-bore Ethernet slip rings: offers Ø38.1mm hollow shaft for mounting or fluid transfer, those slip rings integrates an industrial Cat5e SF/UTP cable, they can also come with up to 18 other 15A/600V circuits. They are available in IP51, IP54, or IP65 with black anodized aluminum housing.

Choose your electrical interface

RJ45 connectors are included but PES can mount the connectors of your choice in-house. We can also certify those Ethernet links upon request.

Noticeable benefits from the slip ring integration

Bringing slip rings in your industrial equipment can bring several advantages: avoid cable wear issues, eased cable integration, facilitated machine programming thanks to continuous rotation capabilities, increase cinematic performances.

Our technical team stays at your disposal

Note that besides slip ring connections, Fieldbus communication may require some specific care depending on the operating conditions. We are always more than happy to share technical insights with our customers, so do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Finally, do not forget (nearly) any customization is possible: additional network links for a video camera, loop architecture, specific cable integration (i.e. CAT6A or proprietary cable), higher speed, larger thru-bore...

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